2 12 2010

Those of you who use Windows 7 may be aware of the Windows experience index. This is a scale that maxes out at 7.9 which determines how fast your system is.

My systems specs are as follows:

Processor: 7.3

Ram: 7.7

Graphics: 7.4

Gaming Graphics: 7.4

Primary Hard Disk: 5.9

These are excellent scores with the exception of my hard drive. This will change if I decide to invest in a SSD. In fact, upgrading to an SSD will give me all 7’s. I am excited about this computer.




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3 12 2010
Earnest Page Eight « Pages of Dianchi

[…] Jon, finally you have your XKCD moment. It’s really more of a cameo, taken from the Swine flu strip. At this point my project, I had like three more days, eye strain, and the rest of Act III to get through. So this is technically a cop out, but my teacher said she enjoyed the change of scenery. I hope you do as well. […]

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